Albert de Cuire: Patriarch

Albert de Guire, native of Macon near Chimay, has contracted to be a miner with his wife and five children, the twenty-seventh of October, one thousand seven hundred nineteen, for six years, with payment of one hundred eighty pounds a year, and food at forty pence per day until the end of the term, and has signed here

For the De Cuir and connected families, a thread of their Creole fabric begins with the patriarch, Albert de Cuire. As an engage - indentured servant - for the Sainte Catherine concession, Albert de Cuire came to the colony of Louisiana in late 1720, at the age of forty-six, from Macon, Hainaut (present-day Belgium). Arriving with his children, it is believed he lost his wife and mother of his children—Marie Catherine Domer—when she died just before or at the port of L’Orient prior to their departure to the colony in August 1720. When he embarked on the La Loire, he was enumerated on the ships’ manifest as a miner for the Sainte Reyne concession, a sister concession of the Sainte Catherine. Eventually, as a widower and father of his surviving two daughters and sons, he settled on the west bank of the Mississippi River in the area today known as Pointe Coupée Parish, Louisiana.

As one of the founding families, Albert became a planter and, co-founder and godparent of the St. Francis of Assisi church. His grandchild, Jean Francois De Coux, was the first Franco-Creole child baptized in Pointe Coupée in 1728. Jean Francois De Coux was Albert's first known Creole grandchild, born and baptized in the colony of Louisiana. By the end of the first Creole generation, Albert’s descendants and their connected families were among the most significant in the colony. At the dawn of the territorial era, his grandchildren and their families resided in Pointe Coupée, Avoyelles, Opelousas, Attakapas, and the German Coast.

Connected family names include, but are not limited to: Amar, Aguillard, Allain, Barre, Bara, Beauvais, Bergeron, Bonin, Bordelon, Bourgeat, Boutte, Breza, Broussard, Caffrey, Cazayoux, Chauvin de Beaulieu, Chenevert, Choquet, Chustz, D’arensbourg, Daublin, David, Didier, De Blanc, De Coux, Denis, De Rouen, Deslondes, De Ville, Dubuclet, Dufour, Dugas, Fornier, Gondron, Gonsoulin, Goudeau, Gremillion, Guerin, Guillaume, Hebert, Honoré dit Destrehan , Hewes, Janis, Joffrion, Juge, Major, L’Abbe, La Cour, Langlois, Latapie, Le Beau, Le Doux, Le Duff, Le Gue, Le Jeune, Lieux, Mayeux, Mestayer, Michot, Migrot, Mix , Moniot, Morgan, Neff, Normand, Olinde, Olivier, Ozenne, Parlange, Patin, Polard, Porche, Pourciau, Poydras, Rabalais, Robillard, Ricard du Rieutord, Riché, Rondeau, Rougon, Samson, Severin, St. Amant, St. Romain, Tounoir, Trudeaud, Villiers, and Wallet.